Jawline & Chin Augmentation

The jawline and chin play an important role in the overall appearance of the face. With age, we can develop a sagging jaw line due to soft tissue volume loss in the mid face and shrinking and receding of the jaw bone. The chin also plays an important role in bringing balance and support to the face. A well contoured jaw line and chin creates a youthful and attractive appearance to the lower face.

A simple treatment placing filler around the jawline can provide a natural and striking improvement in the shape of the jaw to enhance your bone structure and contour the face. This gentle reshaping is a great treatment if you feel you have lost the shape of your face due to weight loss or skin sagging in the lower face. A combination of injections and cannula treatment are used to achieve a precise result.

Adding filler to re-shape the chin can also be included as part of this treatment and can dramatically improve the overall face shape both front on and in profile.