Ombre Blush Brow®

What is Ombre Blush Brow®?

Ombre Blush Brow® is a permanent makeup technique that creates soft, natural and defined looking brows. The technique is an over dramatised fade where the brow is lighter in the front, then gets deeper in colour as you move throughout the body of the brow to the tail ends.

Pigment is diluted adding extra softness to the colour, combined with a technique called whip shading and pointillism. This creates a beautiful pixilated shade in the background of your natural brow hairs, creating a soft fluffy affect lasting 1-3 years.

The effect is a brow that looks soft at the beginning and slowly begins to get more defined towards the end. The ombre blush brow result is soft and fluffy with a pop of definition, which looks great with or without makeup.

The Ombre Brow is an excellent treatment choice if you are wanting to achieve fuller, more defined brows without the need to use conventional pencils and powders daily to achieve your desired look.

The Process

The consultation and treatment can be done at the same sitting, however there is a patch test that is necessary prior to the actual treatment. If you prefer, it is also possible to book a consultation to discuss the treatment process, ascertain your suitability for treatment and to assess your current brow shape and for us to understand what you are hoping to achieve.

You will be given a before and after care plan that you will be expected to follow to avoid any complications and to optimise your results.

The cost of the treatment includes a complimentary colour boost session within 8 weeks from the initial treatment to tweak and further enhance your beautiful brows.

  • Treatment time:
    3 hours
  • Recovery time:
    1-2 weeks
  • Results duration:
    1-3 years
  • Treatment price:

Before and After Gallery


  • With all cosmetic treatments delicate skin may be left looking red or swollen, therefore we advise you to not make any social plans on the day of your enhancement.
  • Do not take Aspirin or anti inflammatory medication such as Ibruprofen 2 days prior to your enhancement. (Do not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor).
  • Keep alcohol intake to a minimum 2 days prior to enhancement.
  • Do not use 1% Retin A skincare products close to the area to be treated 6 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • Do not use AHA skincare products or professional chemical peels close to the area treated for 4 weeks prior.
  • Please be aware that the National blood service does not accept donations of blood for 4 months after micro-pigmentation.
  • Eyebrow enhancement such as waxing / threading should be performed no less than 1 week prior.
  • IPL / laser hair removal & Electrolysis should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior.
  • Eyebrow tinting should be performed no less than 4 weeks prior
  • Hair stimulating products should not be used for 4 weeks prior to procedure.
  • Botox in the Brow region should not be performed any less than 2 weeks prior.
  • Unsuitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Aftercare following your enhancement is necessary to achieve the best results.

You may experience the following symptoms for approximately seven days, all of which are normal and part of the healing process:
  • Minor swelling and redness
  • Mild tenderness
  • Itchiness in the eyebrow area
  • Dry flaking skin
Daily care to follow:
  • On the day of your procedure, do not apply anything to the enhancement until the following morning and as per instructed.
  • At all time, ensure your hands are clean before touching the treated area.
  • To clean your enhancement and help heal the area, you must clean the area with a damp cotton pad using lukewarm water, and apply AFTER INKED cream to the area which will be provided to you. A tiny amount must be massaged into the enhancement. Follow these strict instructions for 10 days, AM & PM, twice a day.
  • We also recommend you use a gentle facial cleanser to freshen your skin, so as to avoid splash washing your face.
  • If your enhancement gets wet, gentle pat dry using a dry clean tissue.
  • Keep your hair away from your enhancement to prevent the possibility of infection
  • Some itching is normal - DO NOT pick, peel or rub your enhancement as the colour may heal unevenly and you could risk infection, in which could lead to scarring. Allow the colour to flake away by itself.
  • Do not receive skincare beauty treatments for a minimum of five days after treatment.
  • No make-up should be applied close to the enhancement for a minimum of three days.
  • Do not expose your enhancement to direct sun, tanning treatments, jacuzzi, sauna, salt water, chlorinated pools and direct shower spray.
  • Do not receive eyebrow tinting, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal close to the brow region.